Snowmen And More Seen On St. Charles And Onondaga

On Sunday, January 16, the St. Charles-Onondaga Block Club sponsored a snowman building contest for the neighborhood.  

The rules, emailed Thursday, January 13,  were simple: create a snow sculpture by 3:30 Sunday afternoon. Ballot voting would determine winners in three categories: Best Traditional, Biggest, and Most Creative.

At 3:30, neighbors gathered on a porch to drink hot chocolate and receive ballots. Approximately 26 neighbors ventured into the cold to see the eight entries. The group walked around the St. Charles-Onondaga neighborhood (between Madison and Franklin) to see what was built.

The entries were a mix of creativity and resourcefulness, as the extreme cold made packing snow difficult. Among them were traditional snowmen, a crocodile, a caterpillar, a rocket, and a take-off on the snowmen scenes of Calvin and Hobbes.

Ballot results declared the following winners: Beth Pence for Best Traditional Snowman, The Sessions Family’s Rocket for the Biggest category, and the Germaine Family’s Blue Caterpillar for Most Creative. 

Winners received candy bars from Malleys for their efforts, but the neighborhood enjoyed several days of great sightseeing!

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Volume 7, Issue 2, Posted 12:35 AM, 01.26.2011