Experience, Commitment, Leadership: Beegan for Lakewood City Council

Our city has been on an upward trajectory for the past decade and we should be proud of how Lakewood has evolved into a diverse community of choice.  But these positive changes in our neighborhoods do not happen in a vacuum; they are the result of years of committed planning and partnerships between our many engaged citizens, community leaders and city government.  We are fortunate that one of those leaders is seeking to expand his commitment to service now as a member of Lakewood City Council.  I have known Paul Beegan for over 10 years and am honored to support him for election to Lakewood City Council in Ward 2.

Paul and his wife Karen have lived in Lakewood for 19 years and have been homeowners on Summit Avenue in Ward 2 for 16 years.  Karen is a kindergarten teacher at Lakewood Catholic Academy (in Ward 2) and together they have three children; Gavin, Caden, and Violet.  Paul owns his own architectural practice, Beegan Architectural Design, and two mixed-use buildings on Madison Avenue in Lakewood’s Ward 2.

Having myself served as the chair of the LakewoodAlive Board, I am familiar with Paul’s service to the organization.  Paul first joined LakewoodAlive when it was just a small group of active and concerned citizens in 2003.  He was the first member to be selected to join the board of Lakewood Community Progress, Inc. and help merge that organization into LakewoodAlive.  During his 9 years on the board of LakewoodAlive, he served as chair of the Downtown Lakewood Design Committee and as the first chair of the Housing Committee.  With the design committee, Paul was instrumental in developing the Detroit Avenue Streetscape Master Plan in partnership with the City, which set the stage for downtown Lakewood’s revitalization. 

Leading the Housing Committee, Paul helped develop the initial framework which has now blossomed into the LakewoodAlive Housing Outreach Program.  Also on the housing front, Paul had involvement in the initial effort to birth the City’s Housing Forward Strategy which continues to be successfully executed by the City of Lakewood and partners.  Professionally, Paul has also been actively involved with the city’s housing redevelopment efforts including acting as a design consultant and championing legislation for the redevelopment select two-family housing units. 

One important aspect of Paul’s leadership at LakewoodAlive was his ability to engage others, including myself, into leadership positions, assuring the sustainability of the organization.  Paul’s commitment to leadership and civic involvement did not end at LakewoodAlive, he has also served his community at St. Luke Parish by serving six years on the Parish Council and three years as its Chair.  He has also served on the Parish Finance Committee and on its Facilities Committee.  Paul was part of the team to help merge the separate parish schools into Lakewood Catholic Academy and help unite the catholic community during the difficult process of church closings.  Even with the numerous civic commitments, Coach Paul also finds time to coach basketball at Lakewood Catholic Academy.

Paul’s former leadership roles would be enough for me to support him as the next councilperson for Ward 2.  However, he is currently serving on the board of Fedor Manor and as a member of the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce where he will serve on the Economic Development Committee.  Additionally, Paul is serving his 3rd year of a gubernatorial appointment to the Ohio Board of Building Appeals.

When I first met Paul, I was taken by his passion for and commitment to Lakewood.  I recall him telling me that his mission and calling was to use his talents and passion to help make his community a better place.  During the tenure of four mayors and as many city councils, Paul has remained committed to using his talents, passion and experience in service to his community, from which we have all benefited.  Lakewood is a better place because of Paul’s active civic leadership.  His experience in economic development, housing, planning, his small business acumen and infrastructure knowledge will serve the citizens of Lakewood well.  I urge you to support Paul Beegan and elect him as Lakewood’s next councilperson in Ward 2.

Sean McDermott

Ward 2 resident

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Volume 11, Issue 22, Posted 4:17 PM, 10.13.2015