Why I'm Voting For Kristine Pagsuyoin For The Lakewood Board Of Education

When we vote for and elect a person to office, we are asking them to represent us. There are a lot of different "Us's" out there. What I look for in a candidate is someone who is authentically inclusive. Someone who doesn't just say and believe that everyone needs to be respected and heard, but actually does it. Someone who in both word and deed lives that out in their day-to-day life. Kristine Pagsuyoin is just that kind of person.

I really got to know Kristine when she was a member of the Lakewood Family Collaborative. I was a member of the Lakewood Community Relations Advisory Commission. We worked together to organize the very first "Welcome To Lakewood" event. I was impressed with her commitment and follow through. Her level of organization and understanding of both marketing and administrative tasks was critical to the success of the event.  

She has gifted Lakewood with her knowledge and leadership talents in many ways including volunteering four years with the Lakewood Family Collaborative and two years as president of the Lakewood Council on PTA's. She has a real understanding of the issues and challenges we face. Another plus in my book is that her two children attend Lakewood schools so she also gets what's happening for students right now as well as understanding the parent perspective.

I believe that sharing our passion and talents is what we are called to do in this life. To me, the human experience is about nothing more or less than building beloved community. Kristine has a passion for education; for helping people and institutions be the best they are meant to be. She has worked tirelessly to improve and enhance the school experience; for our children, the amazing teachers who teach them, and the parents of those children. She understands that everyone in these three groups needs to be listened to.  

The greatness of any institution starts with the heart and staying true to the mission of serving the people. I believe Kristine Pagsuyoin will represent us with these values, knowing our schools hold great power in shaping the lives of our children and therefore our shared future. I see her as both a team player and a critical thinker. For all these reasons, I think she has earned a rightful place in representing our families and teachers on this school board.

In closing, I urge the Lakewood electors to vote for Kristine Pagsuyoin and bring the next generation of city leadership into the policy decisions being made today for the future of our children and our shared community.

April Stoltz is a Lakewood resident who is active on many issues.

April Stoltz

Lakewood resident active on many issues.

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Volume 11, Issue 22, Posted 2:57 PM, 10.27.2015