National Politics Imitates Lakewood's Artful Dodging

President Trump and his personal lawyer have taken a page out of the Summers/Butler playbook.

Lakewood citizen Brian Essi has requested documents from the city. Some documents have been released by the city, others have not. The courts have instructed the city to release all the documents. The city continues to stonewall Mr. Essi stating that his records request was "too broad" and thus too unwieldy for compliance, yet the mayor says, "I have nothing to hide."

On the national level President Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen refused to cooperate with the House and Senate investigations. Mr. Cohen called the requests "overly broad and not capable of being answered." Mr. Cohen went on to say, "I  have nothing to hide."

In both situations there are public documents that could shed light on a controversial matter. When documents are not released, one wonders what is being kept from public scrutiny.

Three branches of government exist to provide checks and balances on each other. Congress  should speak up when the President defies the judicial branch.  On the national level it was the legislative branch that called for an independent investigation.

Lakewood citizens are questioning why the documents are not being released and they want to know what facts the documents contain. Voters rely on their elected representatives (City Council) to represent their views and to advocate for them. Our seven local council members should take a page from the US Senate and the House of Representatives and demand an independent investigation as well as the release of the requested documents as instructed by the courts. Then and only then will the voters know why the city sold Lakewood Hospital.


Bonnie Sikes

Lakewood resident

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Volume 13, Issue 12, Posted 2:48 PM, 06.20.2017