Police Brutality Should Have No Place In Lakewood

In November of last year, Sabrina Robinson's daughter was visiting the Madison Branch of the Lakewood library to hang out after school and probably get some studying done. However, that did not end up happening as she eventually left the library with a broken jaw that a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic had to reset. Between her entrance and leaving the library for the hospital, she was assaulted by Officer Kevin Jones whose excessive use of force led to her injury. The Robinson family has filed a lawsuit against the Lakewood Police Department for civil rights violation and abusive excessive use of force tactics against their daughter.

The City recently released a statement stating what the Police Department believes happened, and that the City does train its officers in de-escalation techniques, crisis intervention, and "proper use of force." The City is also looking into it, as is City Councilperson, Dan O'Malley, who is investigating the issue more closely. However, seeing the video on cleveland.com, one clearly wonders about the adequacy of Officer Jones' training in learning de-escalation techniques as he escalated a situation that left bodily harm on an individual Lakewood citizen.

One clearly wonders how adequately Lakewood police officers are trained in de-escalation and whether the model which they are following is current and whether it might need to be improved upon.

According to the City's statement, Officer Jones is still on the Lakewood police force. I personally believe that because he violated the civil rights of Sabrina Robinson's daughter and abused his public service by using excessive force that he should not be employed by the Lakewood Police Department or any police department, and that his termination be immediate.

I don't feel safe knowing that a public servant is not treating every single citizen with respect by discriminating against a citizen on account of her skin color and using brute force to remove her from a public place that so many of us in Lakewood frequent. It's been months and I stand in solidarity with the Robinson family who feel less safe because their daughter's aggressor is still on the job, claiming to protect and serve. 

I ask for Officer Jones' immediate removal from the police force, and demand that police brutality has no place in Lakewood and anywhere else. I will feel safer knowing that the Robinson family will feel safer with Officer Jones off the streets. 

Tim Collingwood is a Lakewood resident who has written blogs for Tumblr and TCM, and was the Akron Classic Movie Examiner. He would like to write about issues pertaining to social justice and how they are affecting the Lakewood community. He believes in the power of citizen journalism.

Tim Collingwood

I am a Lakewood resident  who has  written blogs for Tumblr and  TCM, and was the Akron Classic Movie Examiner. I would like to write about issues pertaining to social justice issues and how they are affecting the Lakewood community. I believe in the power of citizen journalism. 

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