Lakewoodite's Big Brewing Break

Local Lakewood homebrewer, Ean Fakan, has been brewing up a reputation. He started seven years ago in a kitchen on Lakeland Avenue, and has since expanded his craft to beers, wines, ciders and meads. His hobby has moved from stovetop pots to electric brew kettles and stainless-steel conical fermenters. He recently won a competition at Bad Tom Smith Brewing Company, to brew his beer professionally. 

Bad Tom Smith Brewing Company is owned by John & Sheryl Vojtush, and has two locations- Cincinnati and Ohio City.  John has said, “Being community-centric is an important part of who we are...” Each location has beers from the Cincinnati brewery and local homebrewers.

Fakan’s winning American Brown Ale is titled Sub-Zero Beer-O. The original batch was born during a long Cleveland freezing spell when people were throwing boiling water in the air to watch it quickly freeze. He applied the same concept, and took the beer right from the stove to a mound of snow outside to chill in subzero temperatures, creating a nice clear beer. Ean describes it as, “More than an American Brown Ale, it’s a Cleveland Brown Ale!" This beer has a distinct malt and nut flavor, with a hint of local maple syrup. 40% of the proceeds go to Ean's choice of charity, Autism Speaks. He’s an Intervention Specialist, and has educated children with special needs for a decade. 

Please enjoy his beer at either taproom while supplies last, and share your experience on Bad Tom’s Facebook, Instagram, & Untappd pages. If he generates the most buzz, he will win the 2018 Homebrewer’s Shoot Out and his beer will be on tap for a year! He brews, grows hops, and is hoping this can launch a brewery—all in Lakewood! You can follow his homebrew happenings at

Ean Fakan is a married, soon-to-be father, and Intervention Specialist who is passionate about outdoor sports, brewing beer & Lakewood!

Megan Fakan

I am a married, soon to be father, and Intervention Specialist who is passionate about outdoor sports, brewing beer & Lakewood!

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Volume 14, Issue 12, Posted 4:18 PM, 06.19.2018