Why We Need Brad Presutto On Lakewood City Council

Growing up in Lakewood, it’s good to see someone who cares so much about their community run for City Council. His name is Brad Presutto. A good friend, awesome father, and advocate - we’re lucky to have him in our community.

I met Brad Presutto when my family moved back to Lakewood a couple years ago. When a family in Lakewood had hateful graffiti spray painted on their driveway, Brad responded by creating The Lakewood Sidewalk Chalk Love Facebook group, to show that we care about each other and that hate does not belong in our community. Our children covered the city with messages of love on our sidewalks. It was encouraging to see such young children participating in amazing acts of kindness. I want someone on City Council that looks at diversity as a blessing, not just a statistic.

Brad gets to know his neighbors, building relationships through social media or face to face. He’s always busy taking care of a neighbor in need, whether he knows them or not. I frequently see him volunteering his time to help people through our local Lakewood Buy Nothing Group. He's also a big supporter of our local small businesses. He uses his relationship building to create this network so when someone or a new business needs support, he gets them the necessary support they need to be successful.  

Because Brad is well-known in the community, parents reached out to him about concerns regarding Kauffman Park. Not only is he a big advocate for renovations at Kauffman Park, he responded to the parents concerns by organizing a group to clean up Kauffman Park, specifically the slides that had been plastered with sap from the nearby trees. Our playground and park looked beautiful once it was cleaned. Taking care of our green spaces is important for our community even though they do not generate income. Our kids need a safe and clean place to play, and I know I can trust Brad to be a constant advocate for our parks.

Whether he’s delivering meals on wheels to the elderly, volunteering with the Hayes PTO, or raising money and awareness for a cause, he’s constantly striving to improve our city. I’ve always been amazed at how active he is in our community. It is refreshing to see a candidate be active in the community for the years prior to running for election. It is that attitude that makes me trust Brad with my vote.

In order for the citizens of Ward 2 to be best represented in Lakewood, we need Brad Presutto on City Council. He would definitely improve the City of Lakewood. Please join me in trusting him with your vote this November.

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Volume 15, Issue 19, Posted 9:51 AM, 10.31.2019