Mama Mia! Here We Go Again! Reeling In Another Election Year

With COVID-19 dominating the news cycle, we should not forget that before it all began the 2020 presidential election was THE ongoing story. It went from the Democratic debates to now wondering how we will be able to vote. Given the gravity of what has recently transpired, here is a light-hearted reminder of the upcoming contest brought to you via song titles (and a few lyrics) from the 1970's! See how many are woven into the narrative.

The year began with aspiring Democratic candidates asking voters to "take a chance on me." Their supporters responded with "you're the one that I want." The contenders included more than one American woman, the new kid in town and those in their golden years. They all claimed to be a bridge over troubled water and offered ideas on how each of us can get a piece of the American pie.

They did their own version of the hustle in between all the jive talkin'. Some made it a point to take it to the limit with their rhetoric, at the same time knowing they got to be real. The hope was to keep stayin' alive lest their campaigns became dust in the wind. As their dreams began slip slidin' away, their followers reassured them we are still "hopelessly devoted to you." Privately, their staff wondered whether soon enough they would be working at the car wash. Ultimately, they had to resolve to let it be.

Those who remain promise "you ain't seen nothing yet." Yet, many old timers long for the way we were. As citizens look at the candidates more closely, the resolve among the populace is we won't be fooled again. In these troubled times, Americans want someone who is rock steady and will not rock the boat. Many folks are running on empty and want to make sure the person speaking to them from the rose garden understands their needs.

Covering the debates and primaries, network commentators may have sighed, "help me make it through the night," some even still at it the morning after.

When it comes to running for public office, everyone knows it don't come easy. Some were busy takin' it to the streets in an attempt to grab voters, also appealing to them to give a little bit by visiting their dot com site. As they attempted to raise money, wouldn't another way to have gained exposure have been to just land on the cover of the "Rolling Stone"?

Accusations and barbs filled the air at Democratic and GOP rallies creating so much bad blood. The current president seems to believe many in this country are gypsies, tramps and thieves. His constituents may regard a female seeking the nomination as another evil woman. The Democrats call the incumbent a liar and suggest he is as credible as Disco Duck. Another accusation may be "you're so vain" (you probably think this tweet is about you, don't you, don't you!). Those on the Right are viewed as only worried about takin' care of business while others feel the Left too often wants to give everyone a free ride.

While the Chief Executive frequently retreats to his beloved Mara Lago, West Coast liberals check into the Hotel California. Both sides have disdain for what the others say, suggesting that the way their supporters swear by each candidate's message is "what a fool believes."

As debate moderators recycle the same questions, other world events slide under the radar, one being the bungle in the jungle that is the burning of the Amazon. As far as global warming and climate change, many feel it's too late to turn back now. There is fire and rain all over the world. How long will this be going on, one wonders. We can't send an SOS to our disillusioned allies because for decades they have looked to us to guide the family of man.

Longtime pals, now divided by ideology, ask "why can't we be friends?" Still they may believe that love will keep us together. Beyond that, whether you're a sweet city woman or sing along to "Take Me Home, Country Roads," don't sit back and take it easy. Same goes for those who drive an SUV or a low rider. And let us not forget that sleeping giant, those suburban ladies. Can they be expected to assert themselves with "I am woman." Will we hear them roar?

The two probable candidates for president have been on the national stage for quite some time so whatcha see is whatcha get. With COVID-19 will there even be conventions or debates? Watching a verbal sparring match between them may leave many feeling like they'd rather listen to a pair of dueling banjos. When will the onslaught of tv ads begin? One thing for sure is lawns will be covered with signs, everywhere a sign!

John Lennon began the 1970's with "Power to the People." With that in mind, you can't just complain behind closed doors wistfully thinking "if you could read my mind." It is crucial that everyone pay attention to what's going on. We're an American band, warts and all, so bang your drum and be heard! Instead of smashing your guitar, smash the records at the polls and vote! Or based on current affairs, send in your ballot and tell your choice for president: "signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours!"

On November 3, ask yourself. Do I want a heartache tonight? It is up to you to contribute to someone's Waterloo or celebration. Half the country wants to rid itself of the desperado who has yet to come to his senses. Others have no use for just another old man average Joe.

Exercise your right to have a say in our nation's future, and then on election night watch the network broadcasters do their own version of "get down tonight." The next morning, depending on the outcome, you will either wake up to here comes that rainy day feeling again, or joy to the world.

Adelaide Crnko is a film buff, amateur photographer, and lover of rock n' roll.

Adelaide Crnko

Film buff, amateur photographer, and lover of rock n' roll.

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Volume 16, Issue 10, Posted 8:02 PM, 05.19.2020